Info And Activities


Parents are welcome to bring cake and party packs to school on children’s birthdays. This is a very special occasion and our birthday boy/girl gets to wear a special crown. Everyone gathers in a birthday circle and sings along to make the moment feel really special. If you would like to arrange entertainment, please contact the school a few days prior to the birthday date.


Our fees include a nutritious breakfast, a tasty hot lunch, with added morning and afternoon snacks to keep All small tummies energised and sustained. All our meals are prepared at school, nutritionally balanced and packed with all the good things needed for optimal growth. Parents are encouraged to provide extra healthy snacks such as dried fruit and yoghurt if needed, as we like to encourage the importance of healthy eating.

Sick Children

Sick children may not attend school. If your child runs a temperature, has a green running nose, spots on his body, runny tummy or vomiting, please keep your child at home to recuperate. If your child becomes ill at school, or arrives sick, you will be contacted and required to collect your child immediately. As this is a small environment, with close contact, we have to consider the health and wellbeing of all other children and staff.


We have a number of responsible individuals who provide transport to and from school at a minimal extra charge. Please contact the office for these numbers.


Should you require aftercare after 17h30, we have a wonderful lady who can provide this at a minimal extra charge. Please contact the office for further information.


Your child will be issued a message book in which the teacher, principal or owner will continually communicate to you about your child, special dates and general admin. We also communicate to you via email and our automated text messaging service, so it’s important for you to provide us with the correct e-mail address and contact numbers.


Please make sure that all medication for your child is clearly marked. Every class has a Medication Register which the parent must complete and sign on how the medication is meant to be administered. The medication must be given directly to the teacher. This medication will be kept in the medical box in the office. No medicine will be administered without the parent’s signature.

Additional Costs And Requirements

Our students in the 2 – 6 year age groups are required to pay an annual stationary fee, of which the school arranges on your behalf. The stationery pack consists of personalised educational equipment necessary for your child’s final development stages before going to “big school”. Students are also treated to various educational outings from time to time, so a small fee will be required to cover transport fees. Our annual December concert is a spectacular and much anticipated event. All students need a bright and beautiful costume for this annual event of which parents are requested to contribute towards. Our annual photo day usually happens in October, and Father Christmas visits and delights all with small gifts the first week of December. All additional monies will be communicated to you well in advance and you may also refer back to our calendar for all scheduled events and requested payments.